L-Gante (Elián Valenzuela) is a mythological character for Argentine music. 
This raw Spotify mini-documentary not only portrays him as one of the creators of the Cumbia 420 genre, but also shows how he became one of the contemporary popular idols in the country.

Agency: Media.Monks
ECD: Pablo Vitale, Agustin Castellani
Creative Director: Alberto Ezequiel Fernandez
Art Director: Emiliano Brovarone, Agostina Gamboa
Copywriter: Irina Margolin
CM: Federico Ciccone
Head Of Client: Albert Manrique
Project Lead: Estefanía Iselli
Production Company: Rebolucion
Director: Sepia
EP: Tomás Perez Silva
Producer: Fede Leiton
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