To promote Red Notice, a film about the world's greatest thieves starring The Rock, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, we hacked the primary elections in Buenos Aires with a somewhat... "ambiguous" message. 

Lápiz de Platino 2022
Grand Prix 🏆  - Media

+Digital 2022
x1 SILVER 🥈 - PR 
x1 BRONZE 🥉 - Copy
Ojo de Iberoamérica 2022
x1 BRONZE 🥉 - Viral Marketing
Advertising Agency: Media.Monks Buenos Aires
ECD: Pablo Vitale, Agustin Castellani
CD: Sofía Escofet, Alberto Fernández
Creative Team: Martín Racca, Francisco Arnaudín
Account Director: María Laura Fernández
Digital Operations Manager: Delfina Artigas
Project Manager: Agustina Penela
Producer: Karla Méndez
Social Strategy Director: Omar López
Client: Ana Clara Ortiz, Martina Johanssen, Constanza Guelfo
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