Ever since Argentina won the World Cup 2022 in Qatar against France, one phrase has been printed on every T-shirt, quoted on every tweet and present in every conversation: "And second, France". And when we saw that in Murder Mystery 2, the new Netflix movie, the protagonists went first to an island and .... second to France, the campaign was a no brainer. We took advantage of the hype for the National Team in the first match they played in Argentina since the WC.
We had a massive display of OOH billboards all over the country and also presence in TV, digital and cinemas.
Brand: Netflix
Agency: Media.Monks Buenos Aires
Campaign: Y Segundo Francia
ECD: Pablo Vitale
Creative Director: Alberto Ezequiel Fernández
Creative Duo Sr: Francisco Arnaudin Garcia, Martin Racca
Creative Duo SSr: Julia Calvo, Juan Orlievsky
Head of Client: Lala Fernández
Project Manager: María Paz Moltedo
Production: Karla Mendez
Client: Martina Johansen, Mateo Valentin, Ana Clara Ortíz
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