More than half of the total population of Argentina has the dangerous habit of self-medicating. A Responsibility Dose is the first massive and integrated campaign from a painkiller that goes against self-medication.

Diente 2021
x2 SILVER 🥈🥈(Interactive, Activations & Promo) 
x4 BRONZE 🥉🥉🥉🥉(TV: Script & 60's commercial, Activations & Promo, Integrated)
x2 SHORTLIST 🎖🎖 (Packaging, Direct)

 Lápiz de Oro 2021
x1 BRONZE 🥉(Media)

Cannes Lions 2021
x1 SHORTLIST 🎖 (Health & Wellness - Integrated Campaign)

Editor's Pick 🔍
AdForum 2021
Hero Video - English
Campaign Case
Creative Director: Francisco Bledel
Creative Director: Alberto Ezequiel Fernandez
Art Director: Martín Pettinari
Art Director: Estela Ferrandis
Copywriter: Christian Arias
Copywriter: Arnaldo Aldana
Head Of Design: Florencia Rodriguez
Production Company: Landia
Executive Producer: Adrián D' AmarioDiego Dutil
Line Producer: Ludmila Herms
Film Music: Fernando Martino
Case Music: San Pugliese Studio
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