In Beldent's Fresh Voices campaign we did the most co-written song ever. 'Boca en Boca' is a single made by an entire generation and their music idol, Ecko, one of the most famous rappers of LATAM.


Diente 2021
x2 GOLD 🥇🥇(Interactive: Social Media, Influencers)
x1 SILVER 🥈(Interactive: Data)
x1 SHORTLIST 🎖(Interactive: Tech Craft)

Effie Argentina 2021
x1 GOLD 🥇(Influencers)
x1 BRONZE 🥉(Relaunch)

Lápiz 2021
GOLD 🥇(Music)
BRONZE 🥉(Interactive)

+Digital 2021
x1 GOLD 🥇
x2 SILVER 🥈🥈
x1 BRONZE 🥉 ​​​​​​​

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Top 5 greatest LATAM campaigns 🔝
Latin Spots 2021
Campaign Video Case
Hero Video
Managing director: Juan Cáceres
ECD Experience: Leo Orsolini
Integration lead: Mercedes Alonzo
Client services director: Lucas Piacentini
Account supervisor: Bernardita Musa
Brand planner: Esteban Minoyetti
Experience planner: Juan Ciarlo
Digital production: Rosario SforzaEmanuel Musaco
Data science and engineering director: Cristian Laiun
Data science coordinator: Máximo Romano
Production director: Berty Gimenez Brotons
Chief producer: Federico Puricelli
Producer: Cynthia Fornero
Media director: Juan Strassera
Media coordinator: Alejandro Diaz
Media plannerR: Melanie Schilling
Production house: Landia
Executive producers: Adrián D'amarioDiego Dutil
Photography: Francisco Hauser
Art director: Rodrigo Salari
Custom design: Johana Turek
Post-production coordinator: Julián López Coppola
Music house: Pendex Music
Production and composition: Andrés Cortés
Mastering: Javier Fracchia
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